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well, I had moderate acne with blackheads and whiteheads all the time ... now it just seems to be mild with lots of leftover red marks (god I hate them)
this is my current routine which has been in place for about one or two months (since my acne went to mild)

AM -
wash with burts bees lettuce soap
tone (if needed) with burts bees garden tomato toner (not for everyone as I have found out)

apply neutogena healthy skin facial lotion for sensitive skin (is fading my red marks somewhat)

PM -
wash with burts bees lettuce soap
tone with garden tomato toner if needed
apply 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel w/ Tea Tree Oil all over my face (sparingly) OR if it's a night when I am feeling particularly dry (One or two nights at most),
then I use aqua glycolic face cream (again, I have to say this has NEVER caused a breakout for me and makes my skin so smooth when I wake up)

- I also use a gentle BP face scrub 2 or three times a week to get all the tougher dry skin off my face - as long as it is man made (Polyethene beads) and you use it gently (whatever you use) it seems to help get the dry skin from my BP use the night before off my face

ok, this is just me guys .. I have quickly come to find out that EVERYBODY is very different as far as their routine and products used .. I have gotten lots of reccomendations that have helped.. some that haven't .. I mean, it's like everyone has their own "secret code" or "secret combination" that they have to unlock to get results and I think (or hope,anyway) that I have found mine -- hope you guys do too !!