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this is what's keeping me mostly clear for the past 3 months. first, my skin is fair and sensitive though it can tolerate w/o getting red or much peeling retin-a micro .025 and bp 10%. i'm getting occasional pimples now. in the past, i would get about 4-5 persistent pimples a month mostly on my chin. i guess this doesn't sound like many but they were so swollen and persistent. i'm a 26 year old asian female btw.

mornings: i wash my face w/"kiss my face" olive oil soap which i love though it doesn't lather up very well. then i use aveeno's clear complexion toner w/soy sterol and .5% salicylic acid. i put on osmotics spf 25 total body block around my eyes only. i spot treat pimples w/persa gel 10% bp and put on clean and clear's 2% salicylic acid on problem areas as a preventative. i don't mind having some noticeable bp treated areas even at work.

throughout the day i blot up excess oil with clean and clear's blue sheets.

my night routine is the same as my day but i put some aloe vera gel around my eyes.

i used to spend a whole lot of money on products but my face would still be broken out. now i use less products and have cut out all prescription medication from my acne routine w/ great results. i've used retin-a for about 4 years which i believe has helped me not have any noticeable acne scarring.

some additional things i do to keep my face clear are to put on queen helene's mint julep mask at least twice a week and use some baking soda as a scrub once a week.

i'm a big believer in a diet's playing a role, even if small, in mild/moderate acne. so i eat a diet mostly of non gmo organic foods, wild fish not the farm raised kind and no land meats. as a result, my face is clearer than it has ever been meaning there were times my face was full of hard to get rid of pimples and now i just get an occasional pimple. but i have to say the older i get the less acne i have.