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Found a mass on Liver?

This past Tuesday I had ultrasound done, to check for fatty liver, my alt, trig and red cell counts were high and were for a concern, well my levels are still the same, so that lead to a ultrasound, These past couple of months I am extremely weak, I sleep tweleve hours a day, and still wake up and have no engery, I have to force myself to get up, I swear if I did not have a 4 year old, I would sleep all the time. I thought it was beacause I cut all sugar and caffeine out of my diet. Well anyway, that is why bloodwork was done, followed by the ultrasound. The results came back today, I do have fatty deposits on the liver, but the liver is fine, not enlarged. So I am guessing a biopsy is needed to be done for the fatty liver, which is a fine with me I know it can be controled with diet and excercise. Which I have been doing.

Well the other news is a mass was found on my liver, by my gall bladder, a ct scan will be done the begining of the week, to see for sure what it is.

I have a few questions, first cancer runs in my family, both twin sisters who are under 30 have already had uterine and ovarian, one has been in remission for 10 years and the other 1 year, after given 3-6 months to live. my dad died of lung and thraot cancer, all his family has passed from cancer, which is 3 uncles and 2 aunts.

But just a few questions, hope some one can shed some light,

1. How does a person actually know they have liver cancer?
2. How do you get a mass on your liver?
3. If cancer is on your liver, can it be removed with out messing with the liver function?
4.Can a ct scan tell if the mass is Cancer?
5. If it is cancer, what would be the best option to do, removal, chemo?

Well I want to look at much info I can so I can prepare for good or bad news, has anyone here hae liver cancer and how was it diagnosed? Thanks so much for takign time and reading this. God Bless.

Telles Familia

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