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Re: Found a mass on Liver?

I don't post too terribly fequently but I can feel the distress that you are suffering in your message.

It is too early for you to panic yet about your liver lesion being cancer. Yes, obviously it could be cancer but there are also a couple of benign liver lesions out there too.

It sounds like you are relatively young, since you have a four year old, and a female, I think. So you already have a lot going in your favor.

The two more common benign liver lesions of women in our age group are focal nodular hyperplasia (fnh) and adenoma. Adenoma is thought to be an estrogen driven tumor so if you have ever taken birth control pills you might be more likely to develop this benign tumor.

You may want to read some of the other threads on FNH and adenoma. There is a wealth of information in these threads and you will see that there are quite a number of women posting in these threads.

I have what the doctors belive is FNH. I am here to tell you I thought I would be dead in six months when my internist called and said that I had a several centimeter liver tumor. That was one year ago and I am still here to talk about it. I had no idea about these benign liver tumors.

Waiting for these tests and the results is the hardest thing. But do remember that there is a whole lot of hope that your liver tumor is benign. The statistics are on your side.

There is still always a chance that liver tumors in younger women can be cancerous which is why it is important to continue pursuing all of the tests that are available to you while continuing to remember that there is a very good chance that the tumor is benign.

The stress of worrying about your liver tumor is bad for your health too. I always kept trying to tell myself to stop worrying about my liver tumor --if I didn't have cancer now I was sure to get it from running down my immune system from worrying so terribly much about this issue. And trust me I worried a ton!! Hindsight it was absolutely ridiculous and did me absolutely no good in the end. All of the stress and worrying also impaired my ability to make good decisions about my healthcare.

A CT scan is a great test to further determine the nature of your liver tumor. I do not think that that doctors can ever be confident without a shred of a doubt based upon diagnostic imaging alone but the test will most likely give tell the doctors a lot more about your liver tumor.

Let me know if you I can help you out in any other way.