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Re: Found a mass on Liver?

tellesfamillia--I was wondering how you were doing--you hadn't posted in a while.
amykcpa gave you a lot of great info and support. Listen to her. I know it's easy to say "don't worry so much" but we've been there and stress does take a huge toll on your body and liver.
A few things to know when dealing w/the liver...1) "mass" does not automatically equal cancer. 2) which my liver specialist told me--when they find a "mass", it's easier for them to tell you what it IS NOT, than what it is...they use diagnostic testing to rule things out-and by those results they choose the next test needed. When doing an abdominal U/S for something else in Marh 2004, they found the mass on my liver. I panicked. I asked a ton of questions and learned from the dr. Then a ct scan showed it was not cancer suspect, but it took another test to decide whether it was hemangioma or fatty tumor. My "mass" is a fatty tumor. Usually they are just what amy said--adenoma, hemangioma(blood filled sacs called tumors) or fatty cyst/tumors. I have 2 new "lesions" on the other lobe of my liver which we are in the process of diagnosing right now. When they found the fatty tumor, they called it a "mass." Now the same two radiologists are calling these "lesions." So I know what you're going thru. Stress is not good for the immune system.
A CT is a really good tool-and the radiologist who reads it should be able to tell if it's fat, blood, or suspect for cancer. If needed they'll do an MRI. Biopsy is usually a last resort. Altho you have cancer in the family-it's unlikely at your age this is a malignant tumor.
My liver failed in March 2005 (it's unrelated to the fat tumor & lesions) My husband was told I wouldn't live thru the night. I did. I was placed at the top of the liver transplant list. My liver regenerated itself-and I didn't need a transplant. I get all my vaccinations and have routine checks w/liver spec. an Ex of how quick our liver can bounce back: the transplant director said in living donors-one person gets 60% and the other gets 40% of the liver...w/in 4 wks both livers are almost to full size--and at 6-8 wks they are both totally regenerated and grown back.
Hang in there--the waiting is the worst part. As amy said-the stats are on your side. Let us know how you'e doing...

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