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Oesophageal Cancer

My father has had Barrett's Oesophagus for many years and has regular endoscopic examinations. Recently during an examination the doctor discovered small polyps which they have now confirmed to be malignant and he has been referred to a surgeon to discuss the removal of the oesophagus. We understand this to be quite a traumatic operation to go through and my father (he's 71) is concerned about how hard it will be to get through the recovery period after the surgery. I should explain that his sister also had cancer of the oesophagus but she had not had Barrett's oesophagus and so her condition was only discovered when she had difficulty swallowing and the cancer was more advanced than my father's appears to be. She had unsuccessful surgery and unfortunately she died from the disease.

Does anyone have any experience of this operation and if so could they please give me advice on how to help my father get through it as comfortably as possible?

Also it seems to me that this type of problem may be hereditary as my grandfather also had gullet problems and both my brother and myself are prone to acid reflux. Does anyone know if there is any evidence that this can be the case?

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