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Unhappy Failed root canal Failed Crown Failed Gum Surgery

I had been seeing a dentist that said I needed a crown on every tooth and being afraid of losing my teeth I belived her so let her crown one or two teeth a year. She wanted to crown one tooth but I had told her a few times that I was having pain in one tooth and that I wanted to have that taken care of first so she began the procedure to crown tooth number three. She did the molds and prepared the tooth and sent me home. When I went back I said that the tooth still hurt so she said I might need a root canal and that I could wait until after she placed the crown to see if it calmed down but then they would have to drill through the crown. I didn't want to ruin the crown so I asked to be sent for the root canal before she cemented the crown. I had the root canal done on 9/11/2001, I can't forget the day. About a week later I saw her and told her there was still pain so she sent me back to the endodontist, he said the root canal was "perfect". I went back to my dentist and she cemented the crown on 9/27/01. I went back to her after that and told her it still hurt so she filed down two teeth on the bottom.
After she filed the bottom teeth down I had been asking her what she thought of some gum recession on the bottom front teeth because I was worried about it. I asked her to recommend a periodontist and went to see the one she recommended. When I was there I told him about the pain in the tooth that I had just had the root canal and crown on. He said it was gum disease and that I needed osseus surgery. He did that in January of 2002.
I had no pain in the tooth after having the surgery. In July of 2003 the crown fell out. I went to a dentist because the dentist that did the crown was on vacation. He said he couldn't put it back in because it was decayed.
I now have to have the tooth extracted, a bone graft done and then either an implant or a bridge done.
I am wondering if another impression of the tooth should have been done after I had the root canal and if a post should have been put in. Is that why the tooth decayed? Would the tooth structure change after having the root canal and would a post have made it stronger?
This is so upsetting. I spent over two thousand dollars on the root canal, crown and gum surgery and am now faced with another two thousand or more not even two years later. Plus I'm losing my tooth.

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