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Doubling up to stop btb...

Can anyone give me some info on how to do this? i've been having btb every month since i started taking the pill...its been 7 months now (2 different pills). i'm currently on ovcon-35. it started again today so i called my gyn today to see what i could do about this & she said i could double up, but she doesnt recommend it because it can make you feel sick. well, i dont care if i feel a little sick...i'm going away with my boyfriend on wednesday & i really want this to stop! i take my pill every morning at 8:45 on the dot. i just took another pill at 7:45 pm...figured i'd give it a shot...dont have much time till my trip.

so my question is, do i take the 2 pills at the same time or do i space them out during the day? is it ok that i just took another one 11 hours after my 1st one? does anyone have any experience with this? does it work? how long does it take? etc...

my dr wants me to come in for a sonohystogram to see why this is happening...but thats a whole other post! right now i'm just trying to block that out of my head & get this bleeding to stop so i can enjoy some alone time with my bf. god knows i need it. any help would be extremely appreciated!!

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