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Re: strange headaches - aneurysm? please help

Regarding aneurysms and tests:

Depending on the size and location of an aneurysm it would likely be picked up by a CT or an MRI (particulary if either were done with contrast dye). My aneurysm was located by MRI and confirmed by CT and later by an cerebral angiogram. If you are still concerned, after a normal CT, it makes most sense to check in with your physician. I'm sure there is conflicting opinion over whether a CT or MRI is better and it likely depends on what you might be looking for as well as your overall health and other factors.

For example I have continuing headaches but my doctors are hesitant to expose me to the radiation of a CT scan unless really necessary, MRI I don't like and because of the metal clip in my head I avoid (it is safe b/c of the type of clip but I remain somewhat wary).