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I tried to get a doctor to write a note but he said no because he saw it as 'overdosing' on B5 for no medical reason. I found some Internet sites in the UK that say they ship to Austria. I might try that. Since the UK is EU, maybe the package won't even have to go through customs. I really feel defeated. If you ever move to a different country, bring everything you could possibly need to last for as long as possible. I'm out of B5 and Zinc. Almost out of BCP. And almost out of Jane Iredale makeup. Today I looked at my face at 10am and it was so oily, I couldn't even see my face. Does that make sense? You know, when all your make up smudges and runs together and you literally look like your face is melting? Remind me why I moved here again? Fighting acne in a foreign country is a challenge.