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Re: aneurysm? weird headaches - please help

I concur with the other poster, MRI or CT will reveal an aneurysm that is large enough. Aneurysms that are unruptured (have not burst and bled into the brain) do not typically cause symptoms unless due to their location they are impacting a nerve, vision etc. That said, many of the others I have encountered (I had an unruptured aneurysm clipped last year) also have headaches.

Turns out I have migraines which thankfully lead to the finding of the aneurysm but is apparently not caused by or related to it.

An aneurysm that ruptures and bleeds into the brain (subarrachnoid hemmorage) typically causes the "worst headache of your life" which is sudden and can come with nauseau, vomiting, visual disturbances etc. If you are worried a trip to the ER or doctor makes sense but I've also seen (try the headaches board) others who get the headaches you describe.