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Re: swollen eyelids??

hey ive been having the same problem for about 4 years now i know its caused by peroxide, and certain eyeshadows however with these even removed i still from time to time if i work myself too hard get the swollen upper eyelids it all started when i died my hair and got mono eversince ive had 50 mono relapses every time i get swollen eyelids when i get sick because my immune system is very bad. i have tried a steroid cream for my lids called elidel perscription by the doctor it does help and cold compreses for 20 min when it occurs like yours it goes down by the time its time to sleep. u may want to look into mono and that cream thats about all i can figure to do and it sucks but going to bed early seems to help tremendously building up ur immune system and not pushing too hard with the exercise.