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This is critical - please read:

I developed all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, plus migraines and IBS, from an infected tooth [several actually].

Last week I went in to get another extraction done, because a tooth had gotten infected. The pain associated with that infection went away when I used NO ANTIBIOTICS [because they don't kill these infections, for many people]. But I did use Goldenseal and Echanachia, H202, Vit.C, and warm moist heat. {if you ignore all the rest of this, please use the heat for sure, pain will go down a lot]

Thats the temporary solution. BE VERY WARY OF ROOT CANALS. They harbour the bacteria and viri and so on that can and does cause many chronic health problems. It has to do with the anerobic nature of root canals, a very bad bug grows where npo oxygen of blood flow exists. We are not told of this, partly because neither the doctor of dentist will cross over into the other's territory, and so nobldy looks a t it. [there is not even a blood test to shwo if tooth infections have markers in the blood that indictate systemic illness]. < See Focal Point Infection >

To avoid riuning the rest of his life, just get an extraction. Crowns and bridges maybe, but only if the pain and infections stay away for at least one year, or you just wasted your money. If problems arise during this time [when any dentist will be pushing you to get it done], then the root canal is harbouring strange bacteria etc., somehting dentists don't talk about!!!!!!!!, and his health will be in danger.

This is from my own experience. I was disabled for 15 years, had to stop work and everything, until I found out what the problem was, and why the doctors couldn't find much of a diagnosis. Once I got the dental extractions, health improved. Wide ranging problems, like low back pains, carpal tunel wrist, Irritable Bowel syndrome, leg pains, calf cramps, headaches,neck spasms, etc !!

It is not worth it , obviously, to keep teeth in this situation. But you will never find a professional who can help you decide what is the cause of the problem. Because modern mendical practise in to never look for the causes, because there is more money to be made with treating the symptoms. This get real ugly to consider that they may be doing it on purpose, but many people are coming to that exact conclusion.

John Maynard Keynes: "If governments should refrain from regulation ... the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud upon the public can be concealed no longer."