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Post lump/swelling on jaw/gum

I need to start off by saying that I would just go straight to a dentist, but I have no insurance and no money...

I have this lump/swollen spot on my gum or jaw. On the bottom, pretty much straight down from the inside corner of my eye. In other words, slightly off to the side. Its only slightly tender and that is only the lump. None of the corressponding teeth hurt at all. I tried ice on it, but that only hurts it worse. Heat helps, but does not seem to be taken the swelling down.

I am prone to tmd, and sinus infections. But I don't think either of those have anything to do with this. (Although, allergies have been acting up)

Help? Please? I'm starting to look like I have a wad of chew.. and that really isn't attractive on a lady.


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