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I had similar experience...I have chronic sinus problems...and was having a great bit of problems with swelling glands from the bad fall allergies...I started medication for allergies and once the glands began to go down..I noticed a swelling along gum lines and a lump below...which may be for you as well..swelling of the glands...they are some located right below chin area...a quick internet search using terms like swelling of gland and tooth decay..verified what I already thought...the lumps and swelling were from tooth..went to dentist (no insurance either but have a payment plan) and found out the roots of my molar were to long and an infection was growing ( hence the swollen glands) he said they swollen glands are sometimes trying to fight the infection..and the lump was an absess starting...along with the lumps were tenderness and pressure...I have an appointment to have tooth extracted in two days...which I DO NOT LIKE>>lol..grr..because I dont respond to navocaine.......You should search information in your local area...most cities have programs for either low income ..or for people without insurance..if worse comes to worse go to local emergency room...some have dentist on call ..esp. if absessed..and something can be done there for you...I know the pains of dental problems...I have had them for years..and at 31 have an upper denture...plz dont let it go...if ya need help finding a dental program in your area..let me know where about you live and I will help...
good luck ..God Bless...(ps dont let infected tooth go..can cause medical problems including trouble with heart..)