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Re: Does this sound like Fibromyalgia?

I appreciate your advice. I try to research these things as much as possible now because of bad experiences with doctors in the past. For 3 years I was having terrible stomach pains that would put me into shock and cause me to vomit after nearly every meal. For those three years I was continually misdiagnosed and had a doctor tell me "it's just GERD" "I can't do anything for you goto the ER if it bothers you so much" and had my own family tell me "it's just your nerves" or "it's stress" I had countless ER visits totaling in the thousands. It wasn't until I heavily researched all my symptoms that I found the direct link that it might be my gallbladder, sure enough I walked into the ER demanded an ultrasound on my gallbladder and they found it was heavily full of small sharp stones and needed to be removed immediately.

*big sigh of relief* that was a lot to say but I felt I needed to get it off my chest to help share my perspective and where I'm coming from with all of this. I have something wrong with me now, I'm trying to link my symptoms in the best way possible and self diagnose myself so that I can present it to a doctor and get it taken care of. I have seen a couple of doctors about it and both of them haven't been able to figure out what it is, I've been tested for mono, anemia, viral infection in throat ect. The last visit I had he said he saw a mass of tissue in my throat but thought it was an ulcer with a trapped infection, his advice and medication didn't help any so it is worrying me. I won't have medical insurance until november so I'm holding off on any doc visits until then because I'm sure some expencive testing will be needed.