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Re: Health Drinks.

Hiya my sweet friend,

Thanks for your advice. I have heard of slimfast, but the other one I will look into. I do feel yukky - (without the barf though he he). Maybe a kick up the butt would be more in order.

How are you doing? Wow, I am in heaven imagining your beautiful new surroundings. Little jackrabbit - or are they big uns? That happened with a little blue tit in my garden not so long ago. I was at the window shouting "why do you have wings, fly my beauty", but no, he still insisted he could run at the back gate and it would move for him. It was such a giggle, not for him though I bet he had a headache. In the end he realised what them there little things were at his sides, and he soared away onto a branch. Not being sexist saying it was a male, but hey...........

A momma deer and twins. Oh my goodness, you really are in heaven. I am so glad that you let me share in this. So much more to come too. I hope you are doing ok and not working too hard at the moment.

Thanks for the information on the drinks. I feel more like Olive Oyl than Popeye at the moment, so maybe I need a boost.

Thanks blue.

I am not a medical doctor, I only speak from my own experience of the illnesses I discuss here.

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