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Re: my shyness is ruining my relationship..please help

Hi, SayMoo I think that you should go for it and speak Greek even though you may be a little self conscious about it. Afterall there are alot of us here that do quite a job on the English language myself included!!!

I had 3 Cuban roommates in college and they often took me home for weekends. Their families ONLY spoke Spanish and I was taking Spanish in college and would practice it with them. They actually had a thing against American girls and were going to pull their daughters out of college once they learned that they had an Amereican roommmate That is, until I went home and tried my Spanish out on them and they learned to adopt me as their American daughter. I would call them Mami & Papi just like their daughters did and to this day consider them as so.

So give your BF's family the same chance to get to know you!!! I guarantee that it will be a great experience ~ Goody

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