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Just Looking For Reassurance

I have posted before about my high BP and Atenolol and 3 months ago I went off of it completely. According to my Ormon BP machine I have been doing great keeping it below 130/65. Today I go for my 6 month checkup at the doctor and the nurse took my BP which was 120/70!!!! I was extremely happy about it. Ten minutes later the doctor comes in and we talk about a book I am reading and then he says I see you went off your BP med and I said yep to which he takes my BP and he says its 170/90. Takes it in the right arm and gets the same reading. I told him he was giving me white coat syndrome and he said how could that be since I don't wear a white coat???? Anyhow now I'm driving myself crazy by letting my mind think that maybe the nurse was wrong and my ormon machine is a piece of crap and only the doctor is right. Could BP spike that much and that fast when I don't think I was feeling anxious at all? NOW I am anxious!!!

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