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Re: Just Looking For Reassurance

Originally Posted by goldenboys
Could BP spike that much and that fast when I don't think I was feeling anxious at all? NOW I am anxious!!!
Yep! Join the crowd.

I had stated on this board several times that I was never bothered with white coat syndrome. Then I went back to the doc last month (after having been off the BP meds for six months without her knowing). Though my normal readings at home were in the neighborhood of 126/76, the nurse took my reading before I went in to the doc and systolic was 161. After I got out of the meeting with the doctor, systolic was 181! After a few minutes the nurse took my pressure with my machine and got systolic of 159. Then I went to Wal-Mart, sat down and rested a while and got 137. After that incident, now I think I'll have white coat every time I see the doc.