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Re: pregnancy and anxiety

I have anxiety and SVT. I was put on a beta blocker right before I got pregnant and stayed on it thru out the pregnancy. All of my Drs (OB, Pdoc, and Cardio) felt it was best to stay on it..the benefits out weighed the risks. The beta blocker is mainly for the SVT, but does help somewhat for anxiety. After about 8 weeks I felt great!! I was anxious at first, because I was just really nervous about being preggo and all. But after those first 2 months or so I felt anxiety at all really. I dont even know if it was the med..I kinda think the pregnancy hormones made the anxeity decrease. Give it a couple weeks and if you feel you are still very anxious, talk to your Dr about a possible medication. Mommy needs to feel good for baby to feel good. And there are safe drugs out there. Take care!!