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Cigarette smoking catch 22 & Wellbutrin

I love this board by the way!

Okay, here I go... I have mild anxiety that really never leaves completely, but I have it PRACTICALLY under control and completely stopped taking ALL meds for it. I always had my Zanax on hand, and often took it if I felt that I would be in a situation that MIGHT make me anxious. I finally stopped taking it by NOT renewing my prescription for it. After a few weeks of feeling ANXIOUS that I HAD NO ZANAX ON HAND.... I just forgot about needing it. Unfortunately.... during this time I found myself smoking more than usual because we smoking dummies tend to go for the cigarette when we're stressed. And of course, smoking helps to accelerate anxiety. So I went to my doctor about my situation and he prescribed Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is supposed to even out your disposition so to speak, and is the "miracle" that will get you to stop smoking. Um, right. Since I'm a type-A personality, I defeated the Evil Wellbutrin and smoked anyway, maybe less, but after two months.... no miracle, though I tried really hard to stop. I think it helped with my anxiety, but I felt a little bit disoriented half the time.

Has anyone else gone through something similar and found a suitable replacement for the cancerettes and kicked the anxiety while quitting smoking and succeeded? I know there's a smoking cessation section here, but I've tried most of those remedies with no success. I want to stop BOTH, at the same time, and not get FAT!


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