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Re: Cigarette smoking catch 22 & Wellbutrin

Well i'm new here. I took zyban to stop smoking 7 years ago. They say that Wellbutin and Zyban are the same. I don't know for sure. I reckon they are. Anyway the Zyban worked for me. I was smoking 3 packs a day. I don't think that i would have ever stopped if i hadn't had some kind of help. I smoked over a half a pack before i left for work in the mornings. It still is a hard thing to do, I think that i can stop eating eaiser than i can stop smoking. Oh by the way i have been on a diet all my life. I think that it is a mind game, more than a addicition. Anyway the doctors tell me that the addiction is gone in a weeks time. It's the habit that you will have to fight the rest of your life. But it get easier as time go bye. Good luck , it's worth the fight.