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Re: benefits for caregivers?

SSI pays a lady to come in and take care of mom for 2 and a half hours a day , 5 days a week. thats all mom qualified for. if she becomes more disabled they can raise it to maybe an hour more a day, but shed have to qualify for it. 2 and a half hours doesnt seem to be alot, but it does help my mom out alot, but then shes not paralyzed , and shes not totally bed ridden yet. mom also had beginning stages of alzheimers, and we have found out when it gets worse, she'll be able to qualify for a few hours per day more, but nothing 24/7. that would have to be privately paid for, we're just greatful for the hours she is getting, since i cant be much help (i have fibro and thyroid problems plus a bad back myself), tho i do all their finances, medication refills, doctor visits, shopping, etc. so i am doing my share in their caretaking as well (no i dont get paid). i wish i could direct you somewhere that would help you sweetie, but i really dont know of anyone that would do it full time and get paid for it by the govt.