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Re: Jumping out of my skin ANXIETY

I think you have hit the nail right on the head. For instance..I think I may be getting optic neuritis in my eye scares the heck out of me cuz they don't know which disease I have that is causing it. I have to wait to call the eye doctor back tommorow so he can take a look at it. When my husband was home I was okay with having to wait. Now that he is gone I am thinking the worst and my mind won't shut off.

Even though there are people who have health anxiety I am someone who has health anxiety over a current health issue. I think the worst of either diagnosis that I may get. I just can't seem to get my mind to stop doing that.

I feel so bad for everyone. Anyone who experiences health anxiety puts themselves through you know what just like I do. It doesn't really matter if you truly have a physical ailment or not..I am sure it is still the same dreadful feeling.

I only called my hubby twice on his cell phone. I wanted to call him a zillion times but I held myself back. I feel like I have to wean myself from him.

I also started to teach myself to crochet tonight...not that I really like it but it makes me concentrate on something else besides my worries.

Even my kids don't make me feel better and I feel so much guilt over that. I am 31 years old and these last 9 years have been so difficult for me. I guess that is why I am so attached to my hubby and he is now my security. I can't wait for him to get home tonight. Only thing is he will be gone for work by 6 am in the morning.

I hope I get over it soon. Thanks for talking and listening to me. deb