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lumps in breast (male)...

Since all of you know me, something has come up and I curious about it's cause. In 2001, I had developed a lump beneath my right breast. I went to a friend of mine, a surgeon, had a mammogram (not easy for a guy) and ultrasound, had the lump removed and biopsied. Seems as though it was something called gynemasti...(something). Now, I have one on the left breast. Did the mammogram thing (did I tell you this wasn't easy?) and the ultrasound and the radiologist said that is the gynemast...thing again though now on the left. I plan to see a surgeon on Friday but,unless it's pre-cancerous, I will probably give this body a rest. Ok, so here's the question: is this consistent with HIV+ males? Is this consistent with a med regimen that i've been on for the past five yrs? Talk to me soon...chris

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