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Sterilization or ParaGuard - Questions...

Here's the deal...

I have 2 children, with one on the way. Hubby has consented to have a vasectomy. However, I looked up information on it, and it said for his age (<25), it has a spontaneous reversal rate of up to 50%! Is this true? ***** says it's very rare for it to do that, but gives no numbers.

We're considering this, because my OBGYN has expressed concerns about inserting an IUD for 1 year after this pregnancy. With my last one, she said she would do it 6 months after I gave birth - to give the uterus time to harden and strengthen and prevent possible punctures. This pregnancy and the last one are <6 months apart. She wants to wait even longer (12 months) before inserting the IUD, so my body completely heals itself.

I am afraid of getting pregnant again. I cannot use condoms (various nastiness), am too heavy at ideal weight to use hormonal birth control effectively, and 'mom bombs' are little more than an insurance policy. It seems a non hormonal IUD or sterilization are my only options. Which brings me to my second question(s)...

I saw a few posts on Mirena, but has anyone used ParaGuard? Is it good? What are the risks? Can any OBGYN insert it, or are there some who are more qualified than others? Is the worry about puncturing my uterus warrented?

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