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Anxiety w/ Joint or Muscle issues?

I am beleived to have PTSD (first episode happened 1 month after 9/11 & I deployed to Germany 1 week before the onset of the first anxiety attack) and have issues upon issues since the initial occurance. But I have one symptom that I can't find anywhere relating to Anxiety.

Since the Anxiety onset, I started to get stiff joints (always popping) and constant shooting pains throughout all of my muscles.

Does this sound like this could stem from Anxiety? Because to tell you the truth, the muscle and joint issues started coming on as soon as I stepped down from Paxil after 3 years of constant use. I get really sore even after mild exercise, such as hitting balls at the golf range now. I'm only 30 and with the timeline that I have drawn, stepping off the Paxil seemed to coinside with the onset of these symptoms.

FYI... After the initial Anxiety attack after 9/11, I have since been diagnosed with Gastritis on top of this issue.

Any thoughts are extremely welcome!!!

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