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Re: Sterilization or ParaGuard - Questions...

Hey girl! I'm going threw a similar situation. I just had a baby three months ago and I've tried the patch and seasonel but I can't take hormonal birth control because I have ADD and Anxiety and the BC makes it worse. The best thing I tried was the nuvaring with a steady stream of hormonal release and it worked great but it also gave me bad hormonal headaches every once in a while, acne and wt gain. That was before the baby. Now we arn't sure if we want anymore but were not ready to close ourselfs off to the possibility. I'm having a copper IUD- the paraguard- put in on my next cycle. My doctor says that even if it does become embedded which is one of my two biggest fears (the other an eptopic pregnancy) that it will be okay it won't cause me to not be able to have anymore kids. I'm concered about the eptopic pregnancy but that is possible even without the IUD. I'm going to go with the copper because after my insurance helps me pay for it if I leave it in for two years the cost is only 5.00 a month! there are no weight gain side effects, which I am struggling to loose after the baby, and to be honest with you if I ever do have an eptopic pregnancy I just don't think that anyone could ever convice me that it happened because I had an IUD I know a girl on clomid trying for over a year to get preggo and got an ectopic. now she's preggo again but I believe in if it wasn't ment to be it wasn't ment to be!