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Re: Newly diagnosed Need help( warning may get long)

Any chance you could see a rhuematologist? Be sure you have your thyroid checked, your tsh should be between 1 and 3. Don't let them say it is fine or within normal range if it is above that. Ask for a copy of your blood work and make them prove the results (legally they are yours). If your thyroid is fine you can then start helping yourself with meds and vitamins and any alternative treatments you may like.

What I take for my fibro is ambien 10mgs (sleep aid) tizanidine 6mgs (muscle relaxer) and for better sleep I add 25mgs benadryl. I take all these at bedtime, a good nights sleep is imperative to me. I also have 800mg ibuprophen, but that does not help the pain of fibro much and I only use it occasionally for back problems.

I also have lupus joint pain and I take 4mgs prednisone and that is what really helps my joint pain. Some others may be able to help with different pain meds. I suggested the rhuematologist to treat your fibro or perhaps a pain specialist might help.

keep us posted


ps. I forgot to explain that if your thyroid is not working properly that can cause joint pain and fatigue and a whole host of other problems, including wanting to sleep or being tired all the time. Just because you want to sleep does not mean you are getting good sleep. Dealing with my thyroid while dealing with fibro has been a great help to me. Just wanted to suggest it to you.

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