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Re: I want to cry-bulls eye

I'm not so upset today, especially when many are not feeling well. And I thinking of the people down south after Hurricane Katrina. I'm one of the one's doing ok, but have my moments.

I think it's true many don't get or notice the rash. I wouldn't have noticed it and a second one appeared two inches from the first one, so I think it bit me twice. The second one was a perfectly round pink circle only about 1/2 in diameter with a dot in the middle. The second one is gone this morning, but now it looks more like a little white head. If I didn't have the tick bite I would just think it was little zits (gross). I really don't get those much.

Now I'm wondering about the one I had on my inner lower arm and thought that was an unusual place for a white head to pop up. I'm mentioning this to just let you guys know what is happening since I had this bite.

The other thing happening as I type is that I have a drenching sweat pouring down me. I asked my husband if he was hot. He said yes. He's usually warmer than me. I told him I have sweat pouring down the front of my chest and belly and he said, "I'm not that hot, are you getting sick on me?" He remembers those sweats I had very well, the bed was drenched, sheets and blankets. We're heading back to NJ today and it's a holiday weekend, so I guess I have to get to a doctor on Tuesday.