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Re: Newly diagnosed Need help( warning may get long)

Because there is no drugs specifically for FMS at this point, I think doctors have (if they believe in it at all) their own preferred way of dealing with a newly diagnosed patient. IF you find what your doc gave you isn't working, make sure you tell him/her. If you are lucky they will work with you to find something that does help you feel better. I was dx'd by my GP, who does believe in fibro...but like many docs not sure what to do about it! I brought up Ultram/Ultracet which at that time was FDA approved for FMS. Well, he and his partner both agreed they did not like the side effects and risks with that drug, and they preferred that I take vicoden. That surprised me...but at that point I was trusting their judgement. And, it helped me! Which was what I was hoping for! Now 3 years have passed...and I still take vicoden for pain, unfortunately for me, there is pain nearly every day. But, he is still comfortable with my level of use. Now he has said, that when this dosage ( 500mg- 4 times daily as needed) no longer works..he will want me to go to a pain clinic. I am not sure how I feel about THAT yet!! But, it is hard to know what to do when you have this illness. There are so many protocols out there that promise relief. But,often , you try them..and still have pain and fatigue...even all the different meds that can get only for some people...there is not one solution available at this point.
I know for myself...if I were put on your particular set of drugs..I would still be in pain. So, I am not so surprised that you are as well. As I started out saying...if it isn't working...speak up...because you will find that YOU are your own best advocate thru this maze of accurate AND conflicting information, drugs, and other solutions.
Good luck to you!