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Re: I want to cry-bulls eye

Dear ciconner,

Thanks for the commentary on the tick bite and how a lot of people wouldn't even notice it. Since I never saw one it is reassuring to me with my sometimes doubtful mind. I wonder if the tick that bit you had babs because of the drenching sweats. I can't remember if you have that book by S Buhner but if you have a rough weekend with the sweats his recommendations for Babs is Arteminsin capsules 100mg 3x daily for 30-40 days. Red root tincture 1/2 - 1 1/2 teaspoons up to 4x a day. For shaking and chills/sweats and fever he says drink boneset tea, 2 - 4 cups daily. I think the herbalist I am dealing with recommended something like the red tincture with no side effects that I mentioned in the Healing lyme protocol people thread. This is just in case you have a probem and can't see doctor. Maybe even just the tea would help. Hopefully you won't have any problems but it is always nice to be prepared. I will keep my fingers crossed for a pleasant weekend and no problems. Let us know how the doctor visit goes next wek.