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Re: Newly diagnosed Need help( warning may get long)

Thanks for the input, I have a doc appt wendsday so I will talk to my doctor more then.
I was perscribed at one point in my 4 years of trying to figure out why I was always in pain Vicaprophen(sp?) and a muscle relaxer and that did absolute wonders for my pain at the time, so maybe I will ask about that.
I have already been through all the blood work and tyroid stuff and it is all normal, so my doctor felt comfortable in the fact that it was most likely Fm as it is already in my family also.
The Loritab I really like because it gives me energy( why I don't know) but I can do my normal everyday activities and not just feel like staying in bed all day, it just stinks that it dosnt help my pain. anyaway thanks for the help and input and I will be sure to keep everyone posted as I'm sure I will be here alot looking for answers and support!