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Re: Possibly exposed to asbestos at work?

I'll have you know that I searched old emails to find my password to this site just so I could respond to your posting.

I am 46 and have had not a small amount of casual exposure to asbestos just like many people my age. Your generation is a bit luckier in that asbestos is no longer ripped out without caution like used to be done in the past.

I have read a lot about asbestos because I, too, am very concerned about my exposure and there is something I learned that may help you.

NOT SMOKING is the number one thing we can do to avoid asbestosis and mesothielioma. Yes, we try to avoid exposure, but as you found out, sometimes exposure just happens. I also try to avoid second-hand smoke as well.

My mom went to cancer support group and I met a woman who didn't smoke and had no known exposure to asbestos and she had mesothielioma. (Her husband did smoke and he couldn't wait to light up when he got outside.)

Apparently our bodies can handle more of such "toxins" if we don't add cigarette smoke to the soup. I also heard that radon exposure was more likely to cause cancer in a person who smoked.

So if you smoke, stop it now!

One source for this info is a book called "Risk," by David Ropeik and George Gray, Houghton Mifflin Co, 2002

Good luck!