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So many people I know have had family members lose everything they own. It's so awful watching the news, seeing the damage, and knowing things will never be the same. My aunt, uncle, and cousins lost their home in Katrina. They were trying to sell it and move to Oklahoma City for a job offer. Now they have nothing - no home, no posessions, and almost no money. You just wonder - "WHY?" So many innocent lives were lost. Things will never be the same. I just wish the politics could stop so people could focus on the relief effort. How will trading insults help people to survive? I just really wish there was something I could do to help. My church is organizing a big money drive to send to the red cross. I just wish I could be there, among the people, encouraging and helping people. That's the type of person I am. Watching, unable to be there is unbearable. I just hope that America can stand together, encouraging and building each other up, and unite. So many lives have been changed. Why not make the best of it?

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