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RachelGrace, (love that name)
I agree with you. I hate finger pointing. What's done is done. Get past it, and let's focus all our energy on fixing the problem. My heart goes out to everyone. Our local churches are involved as well. It is a sad tragedy, and we ask "why", but there is a reason for everything. Sometimes we have to suffer tragedys in order to prevent future generations from suffering the same.
I get so mad watching the different coverages on TV. All the analyzing, blaming, is such a wasted time of energy. I don't think ANYONE would want or let something like this happen if it could have been prevented. We all make mistakes, and if we didn't, we would never learn anything. Let's hear the good stories, and let's see ALL the great people that live in this country come together for the good of others. The good aways overrule the bad. God bless everyone, and my prayers to all.