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Re: Newly diagnosed Need help( warning may get long)

hi, i take the following meds:
cymbalta- in the morning (supposedly for energy, hmm)
lortab- 7.5 4-5 x a day, and the 10/500 when i need that, doc leaves it up to me to decide when i need either one.
soma (carisprodol) - muscle relaxer , also 4-5 x a day, taken with the lortab
elavil- 25 mgs at night for a good nights sleep, take it around 8:30 pm
also as of recently have been diagnosed with thyroid nodules and an enlarged thyroid, so am taking 25 mgs of synthroid, think shes raising that up tho in a couple of weeks when i go back for my followup on the thyroid.
also to be taken as needed: lorazapam, for anxiety attacks which i havent had to take since being on the synthroid even tho ive only been on syn. for a few weeks.
plus i get a vitamin b shot every two weeks
i also take vitamin supplements and calcium, iron (since im also anemic) plus a whole range of other things such as milk thistle for liver cleansing, and so forth.
wow, no wonder i hardly eat, stuffing myself with pills all day long lol