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Re: I want to cry-bulls eye

Hi CS,

Thanks for the info, so I can compare. I have the familiar shooting pains in hips and shoulders, but it's not too bad. Fatigue. a little sweaty and chills. But I could just be sweaty and chilly from being sweaty.

There's really nothing left of those two little bull's eyes I had except one pink circle. Hardly noticeable. The thing is when I pulled the tick, it came out effortlessly and there wasn't even a mark of any kind until four days later when the little bull's eye appeared.

Nothing ever goes "text book" for me. I could give you a list of examples, but I'll just leave it at this.

I have a few days of doxy left, but don't want to take it because if I have bloodwork and a test comes up negative, then I'll have to fight that uphill battle to get meds. Of course I hope I am not reinfected, but I don't want to not get treated if I have it again. I do not want to go through this again.

How long do you wait to get tested after a bite? About 2 weeks?