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D.S. is also known as trisomy 21- because D.S.s have an extra chromosome- the "tri" in trisomy, as opposed to chromosomes being in pairs. so a DS has all chromosomes in pairs except for chrom#21 which is in triplets.

Most DS in the world are a result of this trisomy in the mother's ovum- like when she's old, or in the father's sperm, carried through families.

Mosaics are different because the ovum and sperm are NORMAL, but AFTER fertilization and when the baby starts to be formed, some of the cells for some spontaneous usually unknown reason get this 'mutation' and become trisomy, all of these cells when they continue to divide give trisomy cells. But the other cells not affected are still normal! that's why they are called MOSAIC- they have both normal and trisomy cell lines.

Mosaics are 1% of DS.

My sister is mosaic, and i often feel like i can see both cell lines- sometimes she's so incredibly normal, mature, smart, like she can remember everything and like she understands everything. And at the same time she's like a child that never grows up. Its hard to explain really. And she always felt she was normal- she never liked going to the 'disabled' schools. I think mosaics are usually smarter than other DS.

Though I'm sorry about your gf, but really, DS are a blessing, and angels to have around, I grew up with my sister and she's the best source of unconditional love i have, i feel lucky.
take care!