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Incontinence issues

No .. it's not me .. although lately .. when I cough hard ... hmmmmm

But anyway

This morning, MIL goes off to DayCare. After being 'alerted' a couple of times this morning, and listening to her get cross with Cameron [B](I KNOW blather blather bling, I am, am am and so so so!)[/B] the bus turned up, the man stood at the door, and she jumped 6 feet when she saw him! LOL . . . she was no way ready .. but she simply won't believe anything we say (and/or doesn't comprehend anything we say) because she's fine, thankyou very much, it's the rest of the world that's gone mad.

So .. off she goes, happy, smiling, she really looked like a little kid going on a school excursion ... it was SO cute watching her!!

And then, I checked downstairs, because the smell of urine is permeating UPSTAIRS now .........

I went into the loungeroom, and the last week or so she's decided to move chairs (the first one, the carpet at her feet is BLACK with God Knows What and wine) so she's moved to a cleaner part of the room (remember the furniture shuffling last week? I got a lounge chair next to the TV. NEXT to, she can't for the life of her watch it properly) so this morning I find these puddles of red wine trailing from the coffee table over near the black carpet to her new spot.

Good thing the carpet cleaning man DIDN'T turn up last week eh?

So then I cleaned out the kitchen .. again .. and found, no, she hadn't taken her tablets, even when reminded .. and she won't take 'em if you hover as well (because even tablet taking is a drawn out confusing routine for her now)

And then ........ I went into the bedroom.


Urine ... all over the carpet between her bed and the wardrobe. The carpet is SOGGY. The smell is overpowering. The sheet's soaked, the bed dry (I'm impressed) I tore the sheets off and put them in the wash, and remade the bed with a plastic backed tablecloth as a protection underneath her, clean sheets, dry blankets .. towel over the spillage (!!)

Ok girls, now here's the thing. How can I get her to wear a pull-up, pad or whatever other choices there are out there.

This house REALLY PONGS!! I've opened windows and doors, there's a gale force wind blowing through the house downstairs, and I'm off to the nursing home shortly, but I can't approach the lady and say "wear these" cause a) it's me saying it, b) she'll hit me c) she may not even comprehend what they are d) she'll refuse

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww .. standing in pee making a bed is HORRIBLE.

I have to have a shower .. I smell all uriney now .. ick .. gimme a job with gloves and shoes and it'll be easier I hope ....

Hugs and looking forward to some lateral thinking on incontinence pads


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