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Re: Incontinence issues

Hi Sally,

I bet that was a horrific job - cleaning up urine and smelling it. It must be pretty bad if you guys can smell it all the way upstairs. Do you think it is just at night that she is incontinent, or when she drinks or some combo. Maybe also, cause she cannot make it to the bathroom when she is sleeping. Probably all of the above!

I do not know if I will be of much help. Not too much experience as of yet. My dad does dribble a little. So when he goes somewhere nice or important, he wears a pad. Of course, my cheap mom does not buy the correct kind. The good ones are too expensive - and they are! When he does become more incontinent, I will make sure she buys some. May just take my dad shopping or buy them and then write myself a check for that amount.

I do like Marthas ideas. And that part that she quoted from Barbara H sounds good for in a few months! If need be, I guess you could replace all her panties with Depends (which is a really good brand!). But then again, she might be so unwilling to wear them, as to go naked! I sometimes buy my dad things and pretend they are a present. May not work for this?! I (or my sister & I) am/are going to buy him a really nice bracelet (medic) for Christmas.

If only you knew some other lady that wears them and does not mind saying so in front of your mother. She could see how well they fit and that it is allright to wear them. Or would MIL not really understand that or like it if you did that?!

I am sure you will get lots more help in the AM (our time). Good Luck!