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Re: Incontinence issues

Here's a new interesting concept.

Came home this afternoon after a fun few hours at the nice nursing home and a nice few hours having a cup of tea with my girlfriend .. to find ........

MIL missing!!!!!!!

No messages from the Police, so it will be interesting.

I do know she's home from Day Care, because she usually get's home anywhere from 2.15 onwards. The tablets she didn't take this morning are now OUT of the webster pack and one is missing, the others are still there. The windows I left open have been closed and there's a $2 coin on the coffee table that wasn't there this morning.

So .. she's either taken off to buy some wine or if she noticed her car missing, is down at the Police Station reporting it stolen, (I've been using it today) not that she can have any kind of meaningful words with the Police .. and nor can she say CAR, or Missing, or stolen .. she could probably say "It's gone!! blather blather bling"

So I'm sure I'll find out sooner or later.


So depends are pullups? I thought they were pads .. ok .. I'll get some and put them in her undie drawer and hope for the best ... She won't use pads, I know that much, so the undie-switch is more likely a possiblity.

Outta here .. hugs to all and thanks for your support

OH and Linda .. no .. she can't go into a nursing home because my STUBBORN, DEAF DUMB AND BLIND BIL doesn't believe any of my reports and won't believe anything any professionals tell him. That's sorta it in a nutshell. We've had 3 geriatric specialists tell us the same thing, she's got aphasia, she's got dementia. BIL keeps telling them they're idiots and what would they know and demands another opinion. I figure after 3 opinions, he's just being silly now. Tiring and exhausting and MIL is definately NOT safe.

Gotta go .. thanks all