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going to social events....

How do you do it without having to leave right away? My anxiety has been pretty high lately and although I take Xanax, its still there. I find it hard to take my Xanax even though I know I need it. I don't like to take it so instead I seem to let myself suffer with these anxiety feelings which is horrible.

My husband and I are supposed to go to a college football game tomorrow. This is something I've done my entire life and have always enjoyed doing. However, my anxiety started in the end of December so this is my first time experiencing a game with anxiety. All I can think about is the negative things. What if I can't escape quickly or what if I pass out, ect. My breathing has been bad lately, I'm try to do deep breathing but don't always pay attention and find myself getting short of breath then panicking over it.

I'm really nervous about going tomorrow. The game is at Noon and my anxiety is always highest in the mornings. I realize it'll only last a few hours then we have an hours drive home. This is something I would have never thought twice about before but I'm really scared to go.

I want to back out but at the same time I want to go and see if I can do it. I'd hate to drive all the way there only to discover I cant do it and we've wasted a trip.

can anyone help?

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