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Re: going to social events....

Boy can I relate toy you. I have been having trouble breathing and then start to panic over it also. It is so frustrating! Today my daughter sang at a school event and I almost walked out because I couldn't breathe.

What I have been doing is trying to reassure myself that this is anxiety and it will only escalate if I interpret that feeling to be more than just that. I know easier said than done....But I don't want to take medication so I'm willing to try anything.

You can make it to the game. Tell yourself that if you have to, you can go to the bathroom for a brief escape. You can go to the car if you need to get out of the stadium. You can do it.

The worst of it will be right in the beginning because that when you get that trapped feeling. But once it is underway your anxiety will slowly lessen. Check your breathing. If you are breathing shallow from your chest, put your hand on your stomach and let out a heavy sigh. This will release the air in your chest and the built up tension. Keep doing it while you have that feeling. It will eventually start to subside. What is critical is that you don't put any scary meanings to why your breathing seems hard. You are experiencing anxiety. Period. Don't let your mind wander.

Let us know how the game was...and if for some reason you don't make it? Thats o.k. too... it's not like there won't be another football game. Right? Whether you miss the game because of anxiety or because you have the flu, both are legitimate reasons.

So I wish you well...and calm...