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Re: going to social events....

Thanks everyone. I know I need to take more Xanax. My doctor has prescribed it three times daily and the most I've ever taken is twice daily. My pills are .25mg. I'll take two pills about an hour before the game tomorrow. Since the game is at Noon, I'll be taking my regular morning dose just an extra pill and hoping it'll last throughout the game.....about 3 hours? I hope!!! I'm REALLY nervous about going. I also have a 20 month old and have left her overnight which is something we've only done one other time. That only adds to my stress but I know she's just fine. She'll be having fun too.

My husband knows how bad my anxiety can get and he's really supportive. He knows we may need to leave early but I want him to try and make me stay. Usually when he does that I end up having a great time. It'll be like going on a date for us since its been so long since we've had alone time together. We really need and deserve for tomorrow to go well.
I really appreciate all the pep talk. I really need that!! Thanks again everyone....