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Re: I want to cry-bulls eye

Hi Ciconner

I know it's hard to not read too much into the aches and pains - is this normal or not? I have a chronic stiff neck, and this is common in Lyme's. Range of motion is limited. Yoga doesn't even seem to free it up. 1/2 hour, easy stuff, before I go to bed although I wax and wane in my dedication to it. My neck crackles too. If I take my head and look from extreme left to right, very crackly. I figure this is one of the keet's base camps - I think the other base camp is my hips and lower back. From reading Buhner's book, he says they love viscous gel-like material, that which surrounds our joints. They love collagen. I'm a bit worried about permanent damage. I wonder if the joints can regenerate themselves? Hmmm.

When you see the doctor, just tell him all that you're feeling regardless of whether you think it's related or not. I've recognized many things I have which I didn't pay much attention to before, just from reading some of the common complaints people have.

Re the cysts, I didn't realize how painful this one area was until the doctor palpated it. Yeow. Being that they're cystic in nature anyone, it's none too comfortable to have my breasts palpated anyway, but this did hurt more. And the lymph node under the armpit is on the same side as the cysts. I did talk about this on the breast cancer site (only site near related) and someone recommended I take my films and my lymph node to a breast surgeon for a consult. Haven't done that yet.