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Re: too much amino acids?

You gotta be careful, You can definately overdose on some of the amino acids. I hate the fact that we cant out websites here cuz id link you to a site where a dr uses an amino acid approach to depression etc. The neurotransmitter amino acids like tyrosine tryptophan, 5htp (converted from tryptophan.) In your list you didnt include 5htp which is real important topic. L-tryptophan used to be legal till there was a poisoned batch that came from japan and people died. Anyway the FDA took it off the market even after that info was released, I am assuming to keep prozac sales up as that was the hot stuff at the time. tryptophan does all those things u listed but most important and why it does those things is, it is responsible for producing more serotonin in the body. l-tryptophan converts in to 5-htp which then converts into serotonin. Many ssri drugs work by increasing your serotonin but they do so by unnatural methods think of it as gas additive where as tryptophan is the gas or serotonin is rather. As far as overdosing, since I am unable to get my hands on tryptophan at stores I am taking 5htp, and I will tell u if u take too much u can get bad headaches, at least I do, also too much of any neurotransmitter can cause bad symptoms like serotonin syndrome where if your body has toxic amounts in extreme cases death can occur. So I would suggest that you go by a set dosage. If you want pm me Ill tell you where you can find some good info on dosage etc of amino acid therapy. Good luck