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Re: I want to cry-bulls eye

Hi CS and everyone else,

I have to mention a resident of a nursing home I worked for over 20 years ago. It was in West Virginia. I was haunted by this condidtion. There was a bedridden woman who could do nothing but lay in bed. I mean she could not move at all. The story was that she just woke up one morning and her joints just locked up on her. I hear so many stories of people ending up in the hospital because of joint-related complications due to lyme, that I just look back and wonder.

Second, I didn't know MS was so common. I mean all these MS diagnoses aren't being questioned? Also fibromaleysia (sp)? and Chronic fatigue syndrome??

Third, I'm just glad I'm aware of what lyme disease is. If I hadn't come to this board, I might have missed my son's symptoms and wouldn't have had him tested, and would think I was completely cured just because the doctor claimed I'd be cured after 30 days of abx.

Even the nurse at the lyme specialist told me she thought lyme patients were full of it and would tell her husband there is nothing wrong with these people-until her son was diagnosed. Then she saw what damage lyme disease can do.