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Post Re: What my husband suffers from

Thanks for your responses, they seem so helpful, I have tried so hard to get my husband to get some kind of counseling or treatment and he refuses. He doesn't have a lot of faith in the VA because it is goverment and he feels he was so done so wrong by the goverment for putting the things in his body they did before going to the gulf and plus all of the things that he went through or may have experienced while there. He needs some help so bad and it seems like the more he tries to supress it the worse that his whole being becomes. I don't know what to do. He has left me twice now because he thinks he is the bad person in the relationship that is tearing us apart. It is the things in his mind that is affecting us. The long hours and stress of his job that he is so dedicated to just add to the stress he is already carrying from lack of sleep, nightmares, or anything else that may be bothering him. He tries so hard to forget his past in the service but I honestly believe it will be what kills him. I realize he has got to won't to help himself before he will actually do it. But how do I convince him of that and not to let it be to late before he does it? I read so many of these posts and think of how so many of you are dealing with the same circumstances and just wonder how was it that you came to terms with what was wrong with you and decided to find the help or see who else suffers from the same things and where to begin to take control of it in a sense?

PS Thanks Bud for the reply, if I could ever get my husband to contact you I will certainly make sure that he does. Maybe you can help him make some better sense of what he needs to do to help himself.